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CDT Blaze
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I went to the woods...

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On June 14th, I’m setting out on one of the biggest adventures of my life as I thru-hike the 3,000+ mi Continental Divide Trail “NoBo” from Mexico to Canada. 

As a kid, backpacking trips up to the Big Horns with my family gave me a deep respect for the ruggedness of the American West, but nothing like the technical mountaineering I'll no doubt encounter in the San Juan’s and Glacier NP. 

I’m excited for and afraid of this wild journey of exploration as I reconnect with nature in the most raw and primitive sense while testing my own personal will and strength to finish what barely seems possible.

As I’ve found in other areas of my life, embracing my deepest fears and “hugging the monster” is scary as hell but has always led me towards the most meaningful growth as a person.


"I went to the woods because I wished to LIVE deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." - HDT

Follow my Journey

Check out where I'm at on trail as I journey towards Waterton Lakes: 

           Garmin Explore ➜ inReach location every ~15 min HERE

           Strava ➜ more detail on the play-by-play HERE

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HERE to view full-screen view. 

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** Very approximate. Doesn't account for "zero" days or the 247 mi of off-trail resupplies pushing my finish towards 30-Sep. **


About the CDT

The Continental Divide Trail is the highest and most remote of our 11 national scenic trails (designated by congress in 1978). The 3,100-mile trail traverses the highest points of the hydrologic divide separating 5 major watersheds between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The CDT is considered the most difficult of the "triple crown" (Appalachian, Pacific Crest & CDT) for its remoteness, length & elevation and is the newest of the 3 trails (95% complete).

It passes through 20 National Forests, 3 National Parks, and 1 National Monument covering 5 states and
7 major ecoregions as it snakes its way along the backbone of America.

Its multiple alpine summits (Grays Peak the highest @ 14,270’) give it
384,950 feet of vertical elevation gain stacked against some of the most rugged terrain (equivalent of climbing Everest 13 times)!

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CDT Blaze


HERE is the gear I'll be carrying on trail which is a little on the heavier side though I will be shipping region-specific items like microspikes in resupply boxes (huge thanks to my brother Jason for the support staging + sending!).   


Longest Food Carry: 9 days from Rawlins to Lava Mountain Lodge, WY

Largest Water Carry: 8.5 liters (18.8 lbs 🤯, NM is dry!)

# of Resupplies: 18 stops across ~13-15 wks

# Shoes: 5 pairs (645 mi /pair)

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